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Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)

The Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) is a “national labor center”. Consistent with its belief in social movement unionism, APL has built itself as a “multi-form center”, drawing into its fold various forms of labor organizations and not just trade unions. In the future, APL sees itself as a singular…

Amnesty International

ASEAN Law Association


ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC)

The ASEAN Services Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC) was founded on 27 March 2007 in Kuala Lumpur. ASETUC is a network of trade unions in the ASEAN region to formulate and implement a consolidated trade union response to the fast moving economic and social development in ASEAN. It was created…

Asia Centre

Asia Centre is a social enterprise that serves as an independent networking hub for academia and civil society in the region. It provides meeting facilities and services for academic and professional development, communications and out-reach, research and publications, and development and technical assistance.