1st Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW-DT agreed upon an outline for an ASEAN instrument on migrant workers which was the result of recommendations of a ACMW workshop held in Manila.

ACMW Workshop on the Scope and Coverage & Right of Migrant Workers

ACMW representatives discussed the scope of the Instrument for the implementation of the declaration. The outcome of the workshop was brought to the 1st ACMW-IDT meeting as a summary. Malaysia was not present at this workshop.

1st Meeting of ACMW

The ACMW representatives met for the first time and agreed upon a terms of reference and work plan.

4th Meeting of ACMW

ACMW discussed: regulations aimed at protecting the rights of migrant workers, the development of protocols to provide migrant workers with education and training before their overseas placement, protection of migrant workers employed outside ASEAN, establishment of cooperation with bodies dealing with transnational crimes and development of ways to scrap...

ASEAN Forum on Youth Employment: Effective Youth Employment Policies and Programmes for Better Employability of Young People

The Forum recommended that ASEAN Member States tackle youth unemployment through: 1) sharing of experiences, best practices, policy, approaches and measures in tackling youth unemployment and development among ASEAN Member States; 2) raising the awareness of the ASEAN Member States on the global issues on youth employment through discussion...

8th Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACWC DT met to re-discuss chapters I - IV: 1.General Principles, 2.Definition of Migrant Workers, both documented/ regular and undocumented/irregular, 3.Fundamental Rights of Migrant Workers and Family Members 4.Specific Rights of Regular Migrant Workers. 14 articles were agreed to by 8 ASEAN Member States and two articles...

7th Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW DT discussed Chapter III on the Fundamental Rights of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and Chapter VI on the Obligations of Receiving States. The DT agreed to re-discuss chapters I - IV during their 8th meeting in order to try to reach an consensus on...

6th Meeting of ACMW Drafting Team

The ACMW DT: 1. Discussed Chapter II of the 2nd version of the zero draft ASEAN instrument on the protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers. 2. Changed the order of Chapter V and Chapter VI to: Chapter V : Obligation of sending states and Chapter VI:...